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Updated, Apr 2021

Kinsta Hosting is one of the fastest hosting company most used for running online shopping store or high traffic blogs. Kinsta is powered by Google Cloud which helps all the hosted website run smoothly and superfast without much issues than others especially when the traffic is on the higher side. It offers basic services for free like SSL, Migration, and custom Dashboard to monitor all the statistics and usage analytics.

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Kinsta Hosting Quick Review, 2021

Kinsta Hosting is the best cloud-powered hosting when it comes to hosting WordPress for better speed and content delivery. It is fast as it uses the Google Cloud engine that helps them in better handling of hosted files, images, and videos and delivers smoothly. Kinsta is mostly used primarily for eCommerce customers or blogs with higher traffic as it costs higher than most of the WordPress hosting companies, and it may not be a good idea for beginner or website which attracts a lower amount of traffic to invest more in the beginning stage.

There are many things that come as complimentary if you decide to move to Kinsta Hosting including Free SSL, Free Migration, Automatic daily backup, Hack and malware removal Priority Support, and easy to use powerful dashboard to monitor and manage your website with ease. The hosting plan starts at $30 per month only and with most of the premium tools and features as same as the higher-end plans of Kinsta. 

When every month visitors are on the higher side, the things that matter the most are the better load speed of the website. And, at the same time, the hosted company should be capable of handling higher any amount of traffic if there are any fluctuations of visitors to avoid unexpected downtime. The best part of Kinsta Hosting is that it is capable of speed delivery for the website, thanks to one of the leading and powerful Google Cloud Engine.

Even you are a beginner to the tech side but want to move to a powerful high-speed host company, you can get help directly from Migration Team who will take the charge to migrate your website in few hours after submitting the request. And, one of the most important factors for customers is to get the right support at the right team when you stuck at something or any type of queries related to the hosting. So, overall Kinsta Hosting is good for customers for higher traffic website and hosting eCommerce websites because of its end to end managed WordPress solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting service provider which is powered by Google Cloud engine for better speed and services to the customers.

Where is Kinsta located?

Kinsta has an office in Budapest, Hungary with its server locations is across the most of the nearest cities to you because it is using Google Cloud Infrastructure.

Which cache plugin can I use with Kinsta?

Kinsta offers in-house developed cache tool for the smooth and fast delivery of the website, so you don't need any other plugin. In case you wish to install any third-party plugin, WP Rocket is the cache plugin it supports currently.

Is there any Discount Coupon for Kinsta?

Kinsta offers the of the best-managed WordPress hosting service, and most of the time they don't give any discounts. You can look for occasional offers for the additional discount.

Which is the best Kinsta Hosting Plan?

Kinsta offers multiple plans for different requirement, it is recommended to check your requirements and compare sidewise.